About ANREM in Malaga

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The Association has been created to help new residents and foreigners adapt and integrate into the local areas. Originally for Rincon de la Victoria, but now based in Málaga centre.

The aim of ANREM, is to assist with the integration of new and foreign residents into our local communities by providing them with practical information, in various languages, about how to deal with government entities, utility companies and other consumer organizations; by informing them about local festivals, activities groups; and by unifying their comments, concerns and suggestions so that they can be properly voiced in city and municipal governments.

Our goals are as follows:

  • Make life easier for new and foreign residents as they settle in towns east of Malaga.
  • Organize the foreign community to take an active role in city and municipal governments.
  • Act as an umbrella organization for smaller foreign groups and work with them to facilitate their aims.
  • Attract foreign investments, businesses and residents.