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Two left feet and no sense of rhythm

That was me four years ago.. and after a failed relationship my social life and self esteem was at an all time low. Hi my name is Howard smith, I live in Fuengirola and I now teach Modern Jive Dance and I love it. Someone mentioned dance! “Not for me” I’d said, “I ‘d tried […]

The exhibition of Yolanda Relinque’s ‘Antropogenia’ in ‘La Sala Mare Nostrum’, La Cala del Moral

‘Antropogenia’ by Yolanda Relinque is currently on display in ‘La Sala Mare Nostrum’ until the 2nd May. Canvases of graffiti, pastel and watercolour are interspersed with soft, fabric sculptures that stand on the floor and hang from the ceiling. According to Alberto Canton, her artwork and sculptures have mythological roots. He explains that “the totality […]

Who says the tie is dead?

José Luis López is a young person from Rincon who loves fashion, and above all, he loves to create. Whether it was by chance or not, in 2011 he reinvented the tie. He gave it a double colour scheme so that, with the narrower part on top, it had more depth and gave a more […]

One thousand euros for the winners of this year’s Carnival group contest

This year Rincon de la Victoria will repeat the carnival group contest. It will be celebrated from the 10th until the 15th March and a prize of 1000 euros will be given to the winning ‘murgas y comparsas’, according to the mayor, Francisco Salado, in the press conference. The songwriter David Santiago, will inaugurate the […]

Benefit of Cudeca Hospice

ANREM – The Association of New Residents and Ex Patriots of Málaga celebrated their Spring Fiesta on 16th March at the Añoreta Golf Club, Rincón de la Victoria for the benefit of Cudeca Hospice to enable us to continue our special kind of caring.